Here at the Farm Shop we stock an excellent range of Tea and Coffees along with the most delicious and silky smooth hot chocolate.

Our tea is exclusively supplied by The Grind based in Adelaide. We stock:

  • English Breakfast
  • Lapsang Souchong
  • Earl Grey
  • Darjeeling
  • Finest Assam
  • Oolong

We will also happily order any other teas from The Grind's extensive range of teas. We have a weekly delivery to our store.

Our coffee is supplied to us by both The Grind and Mahalia based in Robe. The coffees we stock from The Grind are:

  • Supa Crema
  • Expresso 538
  • Colombia Supremo
  • East Timor Maubesse
  • Ethiopian Mocha Djimma
  • Uganda White Nile
  • Australian Skybury
  • Sumatra Mandheling Gayo
  • Cuban Serrano
  • Columbian Decaffienated

All these are available in a "medium grind" that is suitable for plungers, expresso machines or filter machines and of course we also stock beans for each type of coffee.

We now stock pods that are compatable with "Nespresso" machines. These pods are produced for us by The Grind in Hendon and are available in the following blends:

  • Supa Crema
  • Expresso 538
  • Columbian Decaffientated
  • Femenino

With the Mahalia coffee we stock blend 4 in 250gm bags and in the case of blend no 4 we also stock 1kg bags. These blends are stocked in both ground and beans.

We also stock a wide range of fruit juices both still and sparkling to complement our tea and coffee ranges. Our juices are supplied by:

  • Mountain Fresh
  • Nippy's
  • Ashton Valley
  • Patritti
  • James White
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